Lightning Strikes Twice

Screenplay & Series


Literary Development

The Middle East is heating up when the USA finds out that a dormant nuclear power plant, has come alive.

The balance of power that could disrupt the region and eventually affect the entire free world has gotten the attention of President Robert Fletcher.
The top military brass is called to The Raven Rock Mountain Complex and the challenge is put before them to come up with a game plan that will stop the development of this nuclear plant that is gaining the ability to produce enriched uranium for weapons.

During the meeting a covert plan is hatched. Once the military brass has approved the plan, they will hand pick the best of the best to execute the complex set of military tactics.
Capt Matt “Sweetwater” Sullivan - Commanding Officer for Air Wing Eleven aboard the USS Thomas Paine, CIA undercover Agent Craig Miller, Sam Cassidy who holds the record for the longest kill shot, and team leader agent Baker, are called to action.

Agent Miller is sent undercover posing as a physics teacher at the University where the known leader, Tayyib Al’Qim heads the physics department. Al’Qim is responsible for the plant coming online to develop a nuclear program to destroy the USA and Israel. Once inside the University Miller will have to make friends with Tayyib Al’Qim - his target.
In the dramatic conclusion, a massive coordination effort ensues strategizing a strike that will cripple the power plant, blow flight KA119 from the sky, and eliminate Al’Qim; restoring the balance of power.

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