344 14th Street
Santa Monica,
CA 90402
Voice: 310.393.4519
Cell: 310.344.5334
John is a doer. Present him with a business problem and it will get resolved. John has the ability to see the big picture, think strategically, and then follow through to implement a resolution. John provides a unique mix of industry know how, television and theatrical creative savvy and practical advice.
Bill Humphrey
Partner, Media & Entertainment Business Consulting
John is a professional whose productions are always on time and on budget. He brings a unique perspective which allows him to be flexible when faced with a problem and make the correct adjustments without losing valuable time. His skills and integrity make him an invaluable asset.
Anthony Goldschmidt
Intralink Film Graphic Design
Longevity and loyalty are rare in the movie business, but you'll discover both with John.  He knows his stuff, does his homework and puts the show first - but not to the detriment of his crew.  As a director of photography I couldn't ask for more.
David Lewis
Director of Photography
John Callas is the best director I have worked with in this town…in this town.
Howie Mandel
Writer, Actor, Comedian
I just worked with Director John Callas and someone should give him a raise.
George Burns
Writer, Actor, Comedian
Working with John was like picking up where you left off with an old friend.  He is very genuine and honest, he's not afraid to tell you like it is!  All you need in this business or any is one person to believe in you.  That is what John has been to me, an experienced, trustworthy, confidant who believes in you!

Since working with John, I've gained more confidence in the business side of acting.  I began to stop waiting for "it" to happen, and started making it happen on my own.  I have just finished two films, "The Reunion", a short thriller by Arlene M. Grant, and up and coming directors to watch out for, The Shumway Brothers sci-fi thriller, "Enigma". 

John passes on tools and secrets of the industry that you cannot find anywhere else!  Often we look to our managers or agents to provide us with "read between the lines" info, and too often we come up short!  John Callas is the man helping me to see the simplicity of it all and truly making it happen!  Thank you John for all of your hard work!
Iris Tomlinson

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