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John is a professional whose productions are always on time and on budget. He brings a unique perspective which allows him to be flexible when faced with a problem and make the correct adjustments without losing valuable time. His skills and integrity make him an invaluable asset.
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Corporate Image DVD’s

Make your next production the highest quality. All production requirements (script, casting, crew, production, and post production through deliverables) will be handled without disruption to your company’s daily business.


Corporate Video
for Salomon North America

With competition at an all time peak, the continued growing need for corporate imaging, sales, training, as well reliable messages from CEO’s to share holders, videos and or DVDs have become essential tools in business.

Some clients I have produced and directed projects from script inception through final deliverable are:

  • The Kao Corporation of Japan
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Salomon North America
  • Vidal Sassoon

Commercial for Fuji Battery

Commercial for Orville Redenbacher
As an advertising agency producer John received the prestigious Belding and Clio awards for the Sunkist campaign as well as working on over 200 commercials for such clients as:
  • Fuji
  • Kraft
  • Sprite
  • Dodge
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Minolta
  • Kellogg's
  • Jordache
  • Givenchy
  • Sea World
  • McDonalds
  • Volkswagen
  • Jedi Merchandising

Make your next production the highest quality. All production requirements (script, casting, crew, production, and post production through deliverables) will be handled without disruption to your company’s daily business. Call today for rates and availability.

Working with customers is a challenge. Understanding how to navigate through their cross divisional workflows is essential. Knowing how to approach customer service and strategically partnering with a client, while identifying new sources of revenue is a must.

With the advances of technology, the supply of creative talent, the availability of the latest sophisticated equipment, the only thing that will stand out is “how good is your customer service?”

Customer service is not just taking and filling orders. Nor is it just a partnership with a client to present integrated solutions.

It is instead the ability to follow through with deliverables.

CECS or “Continue Expanding Customer Service” is the ability to follow through with deliverables. Sounds easy yet the number one complaint I hear from clients is the inability of the vendor to meet or exceed their customer service needs after buying off on a solution.

“I excel in listening and responding effectively to client’s needs.”

If you want your company to take the lead and capture more market share, call now and together we can “continue to differentiate your services through technology, workflow improvement, and superior customer service.”.

(Some may not apply to your company)

  • Development of new technologies tied to workflows
  • Strategic partnership with clients
  • Developing new services
  • Analog to digital transition
  • Interface with key executives on both sides of the table to be pro-active in establishing mutual customer service goals while establishing goals in growing the account
  • Work with your team to write and win RFP’s
  • Take your company from tactical to strategic with your clients
  • Seamless integration of closed loop solution
  • Review workflow for editorial mastering services for First Run theatrical releases and TV shows (both traditional and DI)
  • Review live action and animation restoration processes
  • Validate creation of DVD’s through DLT deliverables (Design/C&A)
  • Evaluate syndication feed services
  • VOD asset management review
  • Establish asset management (including naming conventions)
  • Determine digital distribution of assets, capabilities, and forward thinking
  • Understand the difference between in-house and in territory re-mastering for foreign languages
  • Foreign language translations, sub titling/captioning – How it relates to DLT deliverables and DI
  • Anti-piracy initiatives and regulations
    • Understanding forensic water marking technology
  • Identified several areas of workflows to improve by:
    • Benchmarking action items
    • Adding processes to the workflow
    • Resolving detailed issues on workflow
    • Establish monthly reporting process on the improvements made with agreed matrix
  • Live action production from inception through completion of
    post deliverables

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