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“As a script consultant I work one on one with the writer to develop the material. My process is simple and straight forward. I read the script, determine where the writer is heading, then most importantly, decide if I can help that writer get where he/she wants to be. This all happens before entering into any agreement or cost for this service.”


As a prolific writer, John is known for weaving intricate plots and complex characters. He recently completed a conspiracy theory novel and is currently working on his next two books “The Myth” and “A Journey.” His screenplay, “Secrets,” is an action/conspiracy theory story which has been adapted from his first novel.

John has successfully worked hand and hand with many writers in the development of their material for feature film projects, TV shows and novels.

Below are some valuable insights and Services offered for your script to succeed:

  • Initial evaluation of the material
  • Plot challenge discussions
  • Character analysis
  • Writing for a budget
  • Does your story work
  • Is it an interesting story in the way it is told
  • Is what you intended as your story actually on the pages
    you've written
  • Is it edgy enough or too much
  • Does the comedy work
  • Take your work from good to great
  • Identify “on the nose” areas and work together to find
    creative solutions
  • Ability to call and discuss potential changes as you are writing
  • When to stop noodling with a successfully written script
  • Work with your agent in refining the script for selling purposes
  • Possible submission to production company to produce the film
  • Creating the perfect slug line
  • How to create a buzz for your script

John Callas is the best director I have worked with in this town…in this town.
Howie Mandel
Writer, Actor, Comedian
I just worked with Director John Callas and someone should give him a raise.
George Burns
Writer, Actor, Comedian

Mel Brooks

Richard Harris

Jon Voight

John Rhys-Davies

George Burns

Howie Mandel

Wendy Malick

Mel Gibson

Kathy Ireland


John Callas is a veteran writer/director/producer in the entertainment business. His experience ranges from the worldwide release of feature films to numerous motion picture trailers, national and international commercials, live action title sequences, laser disc projects, a documentary shot on location in Russia, consulting as director for Warner Brothers Studio Worldwide DVD Production in Franchise TV, as well as having been the Worldwide VP for The Walt Disney Company while working at a large post production facility.

John's prowess can be seen on live action teasers for Ransom, Dennis The Menace, Body Of Evidence, The Golden Child, Spaceballs, The Glass Menagerie, Cocoon II, Poltergeist III, Betrayed, My Girl, Glenngarry Glenn Ross, As Well As Title Sequences For The Two Jakes and A Few Good Men and a promotional film for an amusement ride from Showscan. John also directed an award-winning short film, THE WHITE GORILLA.

While creating live action teasers for feature films, John has had the opportunity to work with notable actors including Mel Gibson, Walter Matthau, Jack Nicholson, Madonna, Eddie Murphy and Mel Brooks.

Once the script is written, the only thing to make it come alive is the talent of the actor. When the words are spoken honestly, the character becomes alive with personality and believability.

Who Can You Trust?

Hollywood is one of the most exciting places on earth as well as one of the most disingenuous at the same time. As a creative person we tend to let others guide us through the trenches. Before you “make it” it seems like the road ahead is very long an unforgiving.

Once you “arrive,” the players come in and turn you into a commodity, which isn’t so bad since you are working at your loved craft and making money. Yes, there is a “but” to this.

BUT quite often the role of a life time is never passed along to you because some one can’t get his/her hand deep enough into the cookie jar to make it worth while to pass the script along or you might be traded for a favor owed. Yes, this does go on behind closed doors; stock brokers call this type of trading commodities; Hollywood calls it packaging.

It is time to stop the madness
take control of your career!

Agents and managers are very needed and desirable. I applaud their tenacity and abilities. BUT (that word again) who is really in your corner as a confidant? Who is working closely with you for the sole benefit to you? Who can you call day or night to talk through issues and feel safe that it will not be leveraged?

Working with John was like picking up where you left off with an old friend.  He is very genuine and honest, he's not afraid to tell you like it is!  All you need in this business or any is one person to believe in you.  That is what John has been to me, an experienced, trustworthy, confidant who believes in you!
Iris Tomlinson
See complete testimonial in “Testimonial Section”

The first question to ask is what is an actor?

The dictionary defines it as:
ac·tor [ áktər ] (plural ac·tors)

  1. performer in plays: somebody who acts in plays, movies, or television
  2. somebody who pretends: somebody who pretends to be somebody else or to feel something so as to impress or deceive

While the definition gives the word meaning, the core of the actor is missing in the definition. Actors work hard and should be rewarded for their efforts. But how do you get to that point?

I have successfully helped actors with a way to get where they want to go. The first step is to understand how I define the word actor. Simply put:

= Attuned (To all of life’s experiences to draw upon)
= Creative (Interpret the character in a unique way)
= Talented (This comes from hard work and training)
= Obsessed (Eat, drink, sleep, and do your craft with unresolved passion)
= Rewarded (You must be rewarded for your hard work)

If you do the leg work and accomplish the ………The "" will always follow.

So – How can I help Your career?

Here are some of the ways we will work together to develop
your acting career.

  • Tools in getting an agent
  • SAG – How to get in
  • Promoting yourself (Marketing campaign)
  • Putting a spec reel together
  • Pick the right picture for yourself (and the right photographer)
  • Learn the most valuable character part as an actor – Sell yourself!
  • Identify your strengths and work with them
  • How to approach casting directors
  • A collaborator in picking the right script/part for your career
  • Actor’s tools in auditions
    • What to do
    • What not to do
    • How to get that part
  • Acting in commercials
  • Acting in film
  • A confidant to you
  • Honest evaluation

The most important thing to keep in mind is that I will be a consultant to you therefore


I am not an agent nor am I a talent manager. I am your guide to success, eyes for material, strength for your process, confidant, and best supporter in seeing you succeed.

Musicians need tools to successfully market their work

Bill Wyman
The Rolling Stones
Music videos are to musicians what acting demo reels are to actors. These are some of the tools that a band or single artist must have in order to gain market share and become successful. Without them they are a number in a long line of hopefuls.

I have pioneered many of what have become standards in the music video world. When MTV first started I was one of the first producers to develop content for their network. Since then I have been awarded “Best Concept of The Year,” as well as putting together as many as 12 camera live concert shoots.

Some of the Music Videos I have produced include:

  • Grace Slick – Jefferson Starship
    Glenn Frey/"Smuggler's Blues" (MTV Best Concept of the Year)
  • Bill Wyman / Rolling Stones
  • Styx Concert / (National tour for "Kilroy Was Here")
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers / "Real Men Don't Kill Coyotes"
  • Doobie Brothers / (12-camera
    video shoot)
  • Sammy Hagar / "Can't Drive 55", "VOA"
  • Jefferson Starship / (three songs)
  • Matthew Wilder / "The Kid's American"
  • Dreams / "Kiss Me Red"
  • Alicia Myers / "You Get The Best Of Me"
  • Neil Diamond / Two Songs
  • The Gap Band / “You Dropped The Bomb On Me”
  • Tane Cane / Three Songs
  • Latoya Jackson / "Hearts Don't Lie"
  • Robbie Dupree / Two Songs
  • Karla Bonoff / Two Songs
  • The Go Go's / Live MTV concert
  • Weird Al / "This Is The Life", "The Compleat Al"
  • Bow Wow Wow / “I want Candy”

Here are some of the ways we will work together to develop your music career.

  • Ian Anderson – Jethro Tull
    Spend time understanding where you want to head as a band
    or solo artist
  • Form a business strategy
  • Create a marketing campaign from your stated goal
  • Review the song(s) you want to become videos
  • Arrange producer/engineer to record your material (if needed)
  • Help form a concept
  • Have the concept turned into a script that meets your budget
  • Produce/Director your video
  • Guide you through production
  • Arrange all production requirements
  • Resolve your post production needs
  • Introduce you to a replicator for DVD’s

Make your next music video production the highest quality. All production requirements (script, casting, crew, production, and post production through deliverables) will be successfully executed based on your budget parameters.

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