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Time is valuable so let’s keep it simple. With John Callas you will get a visionary, pioneer, strategic thinker, innovator, creator with practical, honest, and understandable answers to your questions.

His experience started with a passion as a filmmaker in 1974 which catapulted him to working with blue chip companies such as, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers Studio, Sony Pictures, HBO and more….. (See background and credits for details).

John is a doer. Present him with a business problem and it will get resolved. John has the ability to see the big picture, think strategically, and then follow through to implement a resolution. John provides a unique mix of industry know how, television and theatrical creative savvy and practical advice.
Bill Humphrey
Partner, Media & Entertainment Business Consulting
John is a professional whose productions are always on time and on budget. He brings a unique perspective which allows him to be flexible when faced with a problem and make the correct adjustments without losing valuable time. His skills and integrity make him an invaluable asset.
Anthony Goldschmidt
Intralink Film Graphic Design

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